We don't just espouse theory on innovation. We actually do it and learn ourselves.

A founding principle of Curio is that we not only want to advise others on education, research and innovation, but also build our own ventures. This brings together the learn-do-teach philosophy of how humans learn. It means that we don't just espouse theory on innovation. We actually do it and learn ourselves.

All Curio people are creative and curious. We seek opportunities to innovate and build ventures in our chosen fields. This is what our Lab is for and we quarantine time for it. We use the principles of design-thinking, hypothesis-based scientific methods, market testing and co-design to build MVPs and then incubate and scale them. We currently have five ventures in our Lab and have launched two: Sessions and Academy.


The digital platform for finding and managing sessional educators

Sessions is a platform by designed and developed by Curio to connect educators with teaching opportunities. It enables fast and efficient recruitment of educators and delivers a better experience for educators seeking work. Sessions helps educators showcase their experience and institutions are able to manage their talent pools, recruit more efficiently and maintain compliance.



Innovative education delivery models

Academy - online learning delivery

Academy is a high quality, scalable, online learning delivery business. Established to meet an emerging need to scale online programs quickly, Academy now facilitates the delivery of over 30 online units to over 4,500 learners each year for a number of top universities, corporates and vocational education providers.

Academy finds, screens, recruits, on-boards educators and trainers within 24 hours to facilitate programs across business & management, IT, engineering and health. This allows our clients to focus on attracting the best learners, designing great content, and supporting the learner. It also creates a community of educators, our faculty, whom learn and develop together to deliver great learning experiences.

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