Connecting sessional educators with higher education institutions.

We at Curio started Sessions to overcome the many challenges of finding qualified people and giving those people a positive experience.

Sessions - Connecting sessional educators with higher education institutions

The problem

Management of this high turnover, casual teaching cohort is challenging for institutions.

Over 75% of higher education teaching, globally, is delivered by a casual, contingent workforce.

Educators often feel disconnected from the institutions they represent and the courses they teach.

What we did

Curio could see that this was a sector-wide and societal challenge.

Many of us also have extensive experience in higher education, have taught and tried to find educators ourselves. We empathised with educators, course coordinators and academic managers and appreciated the genuine organisational complexity that make this a wicked problem.

In 2016 we formed an enthusiastic collective that were really interested in the problem, keen to work with us on co-developing a solution, built a prototype, tested it in the market and grew it to >13,000 educators and 17 institutions.


We want to build a global education community.

We plan to expand internationally, help educators seek each other out to share ideas and their experience, form and equip communities and most importantly, help educators stay involved and connected.

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