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Curio is a team of leading management and education consultants, dedicated to having impact through education and research. Located in the heart of Melbourne but with a global presence, we advise education providers on strategy and people, design and build digital platforms, and review and develop great learning experiences.

We offer a number of consulting services to our clients. Our strategy and people practice seeks to help organisations think clearly about their purpose, direction and how they get their people to achieve it. Our learning experience practice helps learning organisations design, develop and deliver more engaging experiences for their students, trainees and employees. Our digital solutions practice helps organisations set their digital strategy, design and build platforms or commercialise their technology innovations.

Strategy and people development

Strategy is more than just a unique way of making a difference. It brings together new ways of thinking about what an organisation does and how it does it. It differentiates your organisation and helps people connect what they are doing everyday to the overall purpose.

Expert facilitation

Curio prides itself on working with people to facilitate great outcomes. We design and run experiences from workshops and offsites for executives to large-scale, national consultations for government.

Strategy and performance

We partner with education providers, R&D organisations and government to develop strategies that maximise their influence while being efficient with limited resources. We develop and review options, seek and use data to make better decisions, and document business cases for approval.

People and ways of working

We take a human-centred, strongly data informed, approach to thinking about how learning and R&D organisations get things done. We work with executives to set their purpose and develop options for how they organise themselves to achieve it. We think about culture, not through a lens of change management, but one of learning and development.

Digital strategy, platforms and apps

Education is increasingly a digital experience. Like health and financial services, education is being transformed through the use of technology and digital platforms that not only scale delivery, but also create more personalised education experiences. Curio works with education providers, government and EdTech startups to design, develop and implement digital solutions that improve education outcomes.

Digital strategy

We advise large education providers on the digital strategy for their core business--education and/or research. We address primary challenges in considering and adopting new learning management systems, managing research infrastructure, and collaborating on new platform solutions for scale and efficiency.

Design, build and commercialise platforms

We take a human-centred design approach to creating and building bespoke applications and platforms for education providers. We develop our own platforms for education (Sessions and Digi-TAL) but also partner with multiple providers to co-develop a solution to reduce investment, share risk and get a better solution. More recently we have partnered with universities and corporate L&D functions to develop and commercialise their tested digital innovations.

Content and learning management systems

We have a strong interest in the development and implementation of content and learning management solutions in education providers and corporate L&D units as well as emerging technologies in the EdTech startup space. This includes the implementation of new education technology innovations, establishing a new learning management system and development and commercialisation of LTIs. We maintain our own Canvas and edX learning environments for the development and testing of new technologies but also for the development of bespoke learning experiences through our venture, Curio Academy.

Learning design, development and delivery

The biology of the brain and how it learns is the same across humans. However, the way individuals prefer to learn is different depending on their age, experience, location and broader background. Curio takes a strong understanding of neuroscience and people to design, develop and deliver targeted learning and development experiences for our clients.

Instructional design and learning material development

We design online and face-to-face learning experiences for people in schools, vocational and higher education providers as well as corporate L&D. Our human-centred design approach puts the learner and their context at the heart of our design and we bring in subject matter experts where needed to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date.

Program and course reviews

We are experts not only in learning, but also learning in disciplinary contexts. Our program and course reviews are centred on the learning experience in the context of the program, how efficiently it delivers the outcomes and what it seeks to deliver for industry or accreditation requirements. We leverage our depth of academic expertise in health, education, IT, engineering and business and bring in academic depth outside of these disciplines where required.

Delivery of programs

We bring academic rigour and industry relevance to programs for both face-to-face and increasingly online delivery. We established Curio Academy, a stand-alone education delivery organisation in late 2016 to do quality, scalable online delivery. Since 2016, we have delivered over 30 online postgraduate education programs to over 3,500 students and can work with education providers and corporate L&D units to deliver at scale with a depth of expertise.

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