Academy is a learning design and delivery
business that partners with leading universities.


Educational Institutions need
to be responsive
to change.


New skills call for refreshed curriculum and delivery models


Student demand and class sizes are hard to anticipate and meet 

Educators need recent, relevant industry experience, and expertise in modern teaching methods


What we did

We partnered with RMIT to deliver RMIT Online programs.

We sourced sessional educators from the Sessions community to quickly meet the growing demand.

By working as trusted partners, we were able to get up and running quickly and adjust the delivery model as we learnt what worked well and what didn't. This was made possible by both parties being committed to the quality of the student experience and mindful of supporting the educators throughout.


We want to build a global education community.

We plan to expand internationally, help educators seek each other out to share ideas and their experience, form and equip communities and most importantly, help educators stay involved and connected.


Curio Academy is now an important part of online and traditional learning.

Academy now employs, manages and supports the educators who teach degree programs at the fast growing RMIT Online.

We have since partnered with other institutions to tailor our services to their needs.

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